Another summer has begun– my seventh with the Universal Cheerleaders Association. This means traveling around the country (and sometimes the world) to teach young athletes and do cool tricks professionally.

UCA Staff is considered the “Best Job Ever” because we get paid to do/teach cheerleading with other fun people. This is definitely what makes people miss working for UCA when they’re gone, but the true rewards are the things that last much longer than camp.

It’s the best job ever because it gives me friends from all around the world. It allows me to make long lasting impressions on thousands of people as a role model. It helps me feel, even if it’s just for a moment, that I’m doing something that matters to other people. It gives me the fulfillment of using my natural gift and the hope to make a difference!

Blogging has already gotten more difficult to maintain throughout the busy season, so I’ll have to allow UCAkait in taking over my life because she’s trying her very hardest to help all the cheerleaders she can.

We have started summer training sessions to get the UCA Staff prepared for teaching UCA High School Camps. Our first was at the University of Alabama.

This week began in Memphis, Tennessee, had a quick stop home in New York to celebrate friends & family, and ended in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here are the next few places you will see me in May & June:

  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Long Island/NYC, New York
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada (/California)
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Estes Park, Colorado
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Lake Ouichita, Arkansas– for intermission and celebration of the first half of summer travels!

I’ll be bouncing around a bunch, so if you’re in any of these places, please reach out to me with recommendations/plans!!

Also– I have to drop in a quick thanks to this incredible group of people for being great co-workers over the last 8 days. Working with this staff doesn’t suck.

Safe travels to everyone this summer!


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