Everything You Need for a Successful Camping Trip

For my last weekend home before a long summer of traveling, a few friends went on a camping trip we’ve been looking forward to for months.

Well, actually, with all of our perks and sleeping inside a car it might have been considered glamping, but this overnight trip to the woods was bomb either way. We have been collecting camping materials all year and were excited to put our survival skills to the test!

Here is our packing list that made this an epic (and comfortable) camping trip. Use this as a guide if you’re headed out to the woods this summer!


1. A Knife. If you don’t have a knife bring Kaitlyn Sexton because she has a knife. A knife will be one of your most useful tools as well as protection against all of the predators.

2. Flannels. Duh.

3. Flat Ground to Camp On (scenery is a plus)

4. A Sweet Tent Setup/Housing Quarters (including stakes and a hammer to secure them into the ground)

5. Tarp for Underneath Tent

6. Dry Wood (You can probably find this at the camping site)

7. Fire Starting Tool aka Lighter

8. Shovel (Make sure to dig a fire pit)

9. Lots of WATER

10. Cooler w/ Ice

11. Campfire Grill

12. Cooking Tools (including skewers)

13. Hot dogs. Burgers. Cheese. Condiments. Snacks.

14. Beverages too!!

15. Marshmallows/Chocolate/Graham Crackers. The PERFECT S’MORES!!!!

16. Speaker/Music Downloaded to your Phone (we didn’t have any service, don’t depend on WiFi!)

17. Toilet Paper

18. Garbage Bags

19. Hatchet/Axe

20. Fold-able Lounge Chairs or Hammocks

21. Bug spray

22. Flashlight

23. Hat/Beanie (I forgot this and really wished that I had it)

24. Towel

25. Comfy Clothes, bring layers even if it’s warm!!

26. Sleeping Quarters. Ex. Sleeping Bags or a Nifty Bed (Tanner and I put this one together– he cut hardboard to put around the seats which gave us a flat place for our heads, mattress pad/comforters on top)

27. Battery-Operated Hanging Lights

28. Pillows!

29. Blankets (if you think you have enough you don’t)

30. Adventure Doggos (highly recommended) & Some High Quality Friends!!!!

EDIT: We have a few more items to pack (sent to me from other expert campers). Feel free to send me more items if you see I missed any!

31. Hiking Boots

32. Hiking Pants

33. Guitar


I hope that after this packing list, you feel prepared as ever to take on camping (glamping). It sure was fun!!

To more adventures!!


Links to many of our camping necessities:

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