Working with the Olympic Channel

It was a big step for cheerleading to be provisionally recognized by the International Olympic Committee as of last year. We’re slowly getting closer to becoming part of the Olympic Games!

The Olympic Channel attends a few of cheerleading’s most important events, including the ICU World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida. After years of competing, Tanner (my boyfriend/2x World Champion with USA Coed) and I were assigned to work directly with the Olympic Channel. Here are the features we had the opportunity to be a part of!

The first– teaching the basic concepts of cheerleading to Ashlee Tulloch, an intrepid reporter for the Olympic Channel. It was a great chance to show how athletic cheerleading is. I think she learned a lot– it was more difficult than she expected! “Insider: Beginners Guide to Cheerleading”, click the video to watch!


Tanner and I had another cool job showing the trust between tops & bases. The next video features us stunting with a GoPro to show non-cheerleaders what top girls see while stunting. This one is called “Fearless Flying”, click the video to watch!


Although I missed competing for my country at ICU Worlds, it was awesome to feel like I was helping the outside world learn a little more about what we do. These opportunities are rare, so I am super grateful to help cheerleading grow around the world!

Go Cheerleading!!!!


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