Scrapbooking Tips

If you’ve ever put a scrapbook together, you know that it can be very tedious. It takes FOREVER to finish all 20 pages. This is currently relevant because I’ve spent the last month or so preparing a scrapbook for my boyfriend as a 3 year anniversary gift!

You’ll have to see it in person for the whole thing, but here are a few of my favorite pages:

*sorry for all the kissy pics lol*

After some trial and error making scrapbooks throughout my life, I’ve complied some tips that help make this an easier process!

  • Begin the project with printing your photos (I ordered mine directly from my phone at Walgreens). You’ll need to organize the photos by 3-6 pictures per page. I organized them in a way that told a story of the book’s theme (our relationship), even if they weren’t taken at the same time!
  • Remember: The more paper the better! I bought a pack of 10 in. x 10 in. paper from the clearance section (black & white pages were on sale) and used any scrap paper I could find. If a page looks unfinished, it just needs more layers!
  • Speaking of paper tricks– one of these little themed paper books is a MUST. I went with a metallic, travel-themed booklet. It comes with 80 sheets of 4.5 in. x 6.5 in. printed paper, so they make a perfect setting for 4 in. x 6 in. photos to glue on. Less trimming = less time spent crafting!
  • Don’t be afraid to cut up the photos. I’m obviously a fan of cutouts (ex. stunt pics cut out in last photo) and like to layer them on top of other photos!
  • Stickers, Letters & Tape. I used different letters on various pages and stuck a bunch of tape everywhere. (Again, whatever is on clearance!) The goal is to make each page look different. Don’t be afraid to write in some words/phrases as well.
  • Don’t think– just DO! Scrapbooking will make you crazy if you over-plan each page. If you mess up, you can cover it up with more paper. The point of the book is to throw a bunch of special memories together, so make it fun and don’t take it too seriously!!!

Scrapbooks make the BEST gifts. Tanner asked for one a while back, and it ended up being a timeless anniversary present for under $75 ($25 book, $30 printed photos, around $20 in paper/sticker decorations… plus I have a ton of stuff leftover for future scrapbooks). He loved it SO MUCH, and now we have a collection of memories to display in our home!

Keep it crafty, it’s so much more special!!!


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