When you put love into the universe, the universe will show you love in return.

I keep reminding myself of this when I get down, because it wasn’t until I started showing love for other people and gratitude for all parts of life, that I could consider myself happy.

Lately I’ve struggled with adult problems, from financial obstacles to dealing with others wanting to see me fail. Peers in adulthood will ALWAYS gossip more than they did in school. If you hoped this would change after graduation, unfortunately, most people don’t mature out of bad-mouthing.

The trick to adulthood: turn bad situations into an excuse for over-the-top kindness. People will ALWAYS try to bring you down, (whether it be that they’re going through their own problems or they’re jealous of what you have) and sometimes adulting can feel like a failure. It is during this low time that spreading kindness will send your life into a positive direction!

If I dwell on negatives caused by other people or problems, they win! I can’t have that. So, I remember that I can’t change what people say about me or remove the bills that I have. I can, however, change how I see these issues. I can take challenges as they approach and choose to focus on what I’m learning or how happy I am in life. I can make jokes out of my financial struggles so my soon-to-be adult friends know that it will always be ok. I can keep following the advice of my best friends who have my back– motivating me to be better and spreading this encouragement to others.

You’ll never know what other people are going through, so let’s remember to be kind to everyone. Nobody benefits from negatives, and the world will always benefit from love. When we’re kind to others, we get to focus on the beautiful things and accept even more happiness!!

Take it from a girl who doesn’t have it too easy, but has grown to love the journey and the pretty moments (like a Florida sunset in a hammock) along the way.

Keep focusing on thriving in adulthood and remember to be extra kind to everyone (no matter what). It’s contagious!


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  1. Don’t know why I’m just now reading this post, but MAN I needed it! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way…. love u Kait!


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