Earth Day

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” —Albert Einstein

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We can all do a little more to preserve and appreciate our planet.

Of course, I’ve been exploring nature more often than ever in my new home. I am so lucky to be able to go on hikes, see beautiful landscapes, and express gratitude for how beautiful the Earth is!!

I’m not sure if this all started as a stretching break during a hike, but I began pulling this new pose (similar to no handed stretch but looking cooler while doing it because of nature) and it has become kind of an inside joke between friends. I hope it can inspire you to see the beauty of our planet and stretch along the way!

Probably not what is to be expected for an Earth Day post but nature just inspires me to do crazy things!! If you want to try the pose in a beautiful place, please tag me @kaitsexton!!!

Next journey with the Earth: camping.

Stay tuned!


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