Sunday Thoughts

I haven’t posted in a little over a week. It’s been a mix of not feeling like it after work and focusing on exciting times for my friends.

Last weekend was the NCA & NDA Collegiate Championship, in which many of my friends were competing or attending. This weekend was big for college cheer team tryouts (my boyfriend’s team included) and the start of training for the US National Team. I wanted to take a break from blogging to focus on my friends and their current accomplishments.

With that said– here are some random thoughts I’ve had over the past week or so. Playing catch up or just rambling?? Maybe both.

  • My roommate, Courtney, always puts fresh flowers in the house. If I hadn’t learned the importance of this from Olivia Rink, I’ve definitely learned it now. It’s crucial and also great. You should try it.
  • Adulting, on the real, is exciting but often difficult. Student loan week always has me stressed, but I have learned to be grateful. Being able to make huge payments gives me a sense of accountability that I am thankful to have. Most people I know would not be able to do what I can.
  • I won’t be posting about USA on my personal account until I arrive at ICU. This is obviously because last year I jinxed myself and ended up on the team. Sorry– not happening again. My alter ego @ucakait posted about USA instead.
  • I have missed out on the joys of kiwis for most of my life and now they are my favorite. I wish I had tried more fruits growing up.
  • I have really good friends. Apparently many who would like to match me by buying shirts I created. Everyone is dead inside!!!!!
  • Another great example of my awesome friends is how quickly they have my back. I started a (one-sided) war with Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (after they posted a mediocre photo on Instagram) about how they’ve never acknowledged my existence as a (really cool) loyal customer. 5 of my friends attacked as well– but no response from DD, yet.
  • I don’t like pets. I haven’t since my cat died in 2015 and I probably won’t start to like them any time soon. I thought about Spankey (said cat) a lot this week and he is irreplaceable.
  • A friend showed me a song by a female rapper named SEXTON… she just released a new song/video called FLEXTON and if you don’t think I’m playing it as a personal introduction from here forward, you don’t know me very well.
  • I started working out 2 months ago and am currently frustrated about a plateau. Here I was, making great progress, and one night of Chinese food sends me back to how I looked when I didn’t work out at all. It’s like someone can only be in shape if they’re vegan and I happen to think vegetables are the worst thing on the planet while chicken lo-mein is delicious.
  • The pictures below are from a hike we did a couple weekends ago but that I never felt like posting. It was the hardest hike I’ve ever done but I’d like to thank my experience of standing on hands and core stability for being able to walk on 3 feet of snow. Mostly.

Last thing– tell someone you love how grateful you are for them today!!! We need more love in this world right now.

I think that’s all. If you have better Sunday blogging ideas or feedback, comment or FaceTime me!!!

Ttyl xoxo bye


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