Today is one of my very best friends, Megan Wagner‘s 25th birthday, and she wants more than anything to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!! This selfless act is contagious– make YOUR day a little brighter by helping the kids who need it most!



Seriously. Any amount helps these kids. Here’s why St. Jude is so important to us:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is located in Memphis, TN– where I spent 2 years and where Megan lives right now. We’ve been through countless tours of the hospital, volunteered our time monthly to spend time with the kids, and continuously raise money for them. It means more when it’s so close to home.
  • Varsity Spirit, the company we work for, has a strong partnership with St. Jude. This year we broke our own personal record and raised OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS as a whole… which is about how much it takes to run the hospital for just one day!! We plan to beat our efforts each year with the help of cheerleaders everywhere.
  • St. Jude is the best place in the world. Not only do the patients and their families receive their treatments, food, and living for no cost at all– but it is also a very HAPPY place. You must visit if you have a chance!!!

Last year through Snapchat, my friends got into friendly competition to raise money for the kids and collected hundreds of dollars in a couple days. As per Megan’s 25th birthday wishes– I know we can do the same!!! Help me help Megan to reach her goal!!!

Megan is one of my best friends– we didn’t come from much, but we always make it work. She helps me be strong as an adult. We encourage each other to be successful women while focusing on helping those who aren’t as fortunate in opportunities. She is SO special (not to mention beautiful with the strongest southern accent I’ve ever heard)– I hope we can raise enough to reach her $2,500 goal!!!!

Wishing you the HAPPIEST birthday– I love you!


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