What Were We Doing in California?? Part 2

Went on a little trip with my pals…

And it was a great first visit (for me) to SoCal!!

We had some free time during the trip…

Here’s how we made the most of it!

We checked into a hotel room with a view

Which is always the BEST to wake up to.

We experienced LA like you wouldn’t believe…

Like being part of the live audience for Steve!!

He was INCREDIBLE and had us crying from laughter

Plus, he gave valuable advice that stuck with us after.

When the show finished up, we went toward the beach

Santa Monica Pier was in our hotel’s reach.

We got our ocean fix and Vitamin C…

With our toes in the sand, we were happy as can be.

California is sick– I see why people claim it.

It has mountains, beaches, cities… You name it.

For me, all of these together is something new

But it made the sunset a breathtaking view.


The sights were great and so was the weather

I couldn’t imagine the trip any better!

My favorite part, though? Without a doubt…

Obviously In N Out.

Thank you, California, for memories with great friends.

I can’t wait to be in the Golden State again!!


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