What Were We Doing in California?? Part 1

This week, Tanner and I flew to Los Angeles, California to represent the USA again. Just a casual, patriotic, cheerleading couple thing, you know??

We met up with a few other friends to represent USA Cheer and the International Cheer Union (ICU) at the Modern World Olympic Pentathlon Finals. Luckily my stunt partner and I already have great timing and are always prepared to show some tricks. 😉

We performed skills in front of the International Olympic Committee (some members pictured below) as well as those at/streaming the event. The Modern Pentathlon includes 5 disciplines of competition: fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting, and running. We performed in between the events happening earlier this week.

Although I love representing the USA, this does NOT mean I’m on the 2018 US National Team who will compete later this month (just clarifying for those who have asked– cue the jokes). I do, however, feel grateful for special little opportunities like this to represent sport cheering and demonstrate how athletic/entertaining it is. I hope they enjoyed the show!

Tanner chose our throwback USA uniforms (from 2014) for us to wear while Mia and Pete wore our newer ones. This was kinda fun to try on again! Except for the bow. Everyone knows I hate wearing bows.

USA Cheer brought us a great opportunity, but I also had a lot of memorable experiences for my first time in SoCal. This being said, the work vs. play of the trip needed to be separate. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trip: the fun stuff!

Until next time (or like, tomorrow, probably)


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