Lol. Had to go with the morbid pun for the title. But I started dying my hair blonde when I was in middle school, and today makes 3 years since I dyed it for the last time. I’ve completely regrown my hair to see what it looks like naturally!

A lifetime of hair coloring makes a collection of pictures necessary. Here’s my story of turning damaged, overdone hair to healthy, practically un-touched hair:

My mom and I both loved to color our hair. She’s naturally blonde, and I’ve always dyed my hair blonde/associated myself as being a blonde (even when my personality doesn’t always reflect this).

Naturally, though, my hair has always had a ginger-strawberry-reddish tint. Weird things happening on my head during high school.

In college I went fully blonde yellow, and my hair ended up thin and gross. Also didn’t have eyebrows because they were thick and dark so I regretfully plucked them away to match my hair (doesn’t even make any sense???). Thankful that thick eyebrows are in nowadays and I can be myself.

My junior year, I met my hair-savior in Long Island, a former Hofstra cheerleader named Sam (Instagram @samanthanicolebeauty). She fixed my color, helped me look toward having healthy hair, and let me play around with adding brown to my light blonde hair.

I knew I couldn’t stay blonde forever– a lot of dye mixed with heat damage in college left my hair dead at the ends. So on March 6th, 2015, 3 years ago today, Sam did a balayage style and I decided to grow my hair out from there to see my natural color. I didn’t even know what it would look like naturally!!!

Luckily, Sam is SO GOOD at her job and creating this style that I loved it as long as I had it. I’m not being dramatic on this– she’s the best. If you’re in Long Island, check her out!!

I loved the color, but it was still super thin over the summer (we have to style our hair almost every day). So, about a year and a half after dying it for the last time, I decided to speed up the grow out process and chop it. I vowed to take better care of my hair and get trims every 4 months.

As you can see, when I chopped it, I still had some blonde toward the end, but everyone acted like I had BLACK hair from the comparison and I felt so sad about it. It’s pretty dark during the winter but it’s definitely a light brown.

Serious Thoughts on the Process:

I didn’t expect that I would struggle with how I looked as a brunette. After dying my hair for so much of my life, I wanted to be that blonde. I thought I needed to be blonde to be pretty. It took many more chops and the promise of healthier, thicker hair to be positive about the change.

Photoshop says my hair color is R: 115 G: 97 B: 87, but I think it looks more like dry dirt.

‘Twas a tough journey of learning to accept myself for my natural genes or whatever but I’m considering the goal accomplished and can’t wait to dye it again. Probably won’t do the whole roots thing with my dark eyebrows but you can definitely expect that I’m looking for a change again soon!

What hair color do you think I should have??


-Dry dirt head brunette ksex

P.S. let’s just still be thankful I grew any hair at all after coming into the world looking like a baldy:

11 thoughts

    1. I am actually so happy I read this post! As far as hair goes I am currently going through a similar situation as you. I never would have guessed that you had a reddish tint to your hair in highschool which is funny because I am a natural red head. Growing up, I gradually became more self conscious about the color of my hair and I needed a CHANGE. I am a very spontaneous person so I would buy box dye and mess around with it myself. I went from red hair, to purplish, to dark brown. Freshman year of college is when I started looking into talented hair dressers and I made an appointment and somehow went from a red head to bleach blonde in one sitting. Really healthy… NOT. I started falling in love with blonde and was so preoccupied with using purple shampoo and finding ways to make it lighter that I didn’t realize the damage it was causing! After 2 years now I finally dyed it back to brown and I can already feel a difference in my hair quality. I plan on going back to my natural, I take Biotin vitamins for hair growth which I suggest! My advice to you is to get your hair whatever color you love! You are beautiful in all of them and all that matters is if you are happy. I think they all look awesome and I can’t pick a “better” one but what I can tell you is that regardless of what I think or what anyone else thinks you can have purple hair and still be flawless.


      1. You’re so sweet. I love your story— I wish I played around more dying it different colors!!! I’ve learned that having healthy hair is more important than the color, so I appreciate the advice. Thank you 🖤🖤


  1. I had been trying to not dye my hair for the past year and a half or so, just to see how dark my natural color has become (since it usually darkens as you get older). I finally broke down this week and went back to full blonde. I just couldn’t handle how dirty my hair looked all the time with the blonde ends. Of course I wasn’t getting mine trimmed like you were.

    BTW – We have naturally thin hair, but we have A LOT of it. XOXOX


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