Mexico Travels: Tulum, Quintana Roo

You didn’t think I was going to forget a blog post about such an epic trip, did you????

2 weeks ago, I flew with 12 friends to Cancun, Mexico and traveled over an hour to Tulum, Quintana Roo. We spent 4 nights staying at a four story (five if you count the roof level) secluded beach home.

We stayed at Villa Soliman, right on the beach. It had the most breathtaking views with perfect warm weather to cure any winter blues.

My FAVORITE part of the place was obviously the roof. I was chilling up there as much as possible!! (OK and the hammock too but I fell asleep every time I was in it so no pics)

Arguably the coolest part of the stay was having personal chefs come in to cook each meal for the house. There was a ton of fruit (I tried some new ones and now really enjoy kiwis) as well as several pounds of guacamole. It was very extra of them but nobody ever complains about too much guac. The presentation was beyond extravagant and we were happily stuffed at all times.

For those concerned about my picky eating, I tried a lot of new things and enjoyed the experience of eating well (during meals). I also had some Mexican candy/mini-marshmallows (between snacks). The marshmallows were a weird consistency but I still didn’t share.

We all ate every meal together, outside, with a beautiful view. The cutest.

Good thing we all like each other a lot!!! Look at these happy faces!

We even celebrated Fat Tuesday (thanks to Denise)!

We were sad to leave this beautiful place, but happy that the crew/chefs let us take a pic with them.

Although we were very productive over our stay, we still had time for some fun on the beach. We got the chance to play in the sand, kayak, do some cool tricks, and get a tan (or sunburn)!!!

I am both humbled for the opportunity as well as overwhelmingly thankful for the experience to travel in 2018 already! I can’t wait to see where we go next. Thank you again, #villasoliman!



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