A Reflection of 25 Years

On 02/18/2018: I turned 25! Wow. REAL ADULT OVER HERE! I’M IN THE 25-30 AGE BRACKET NOW! I LOVE AGING!!!! (No, seriously, I’ve always looked very young for my age and I wish I were turning 40 instead.)

Year 25 is a milestone that reallllly makes you reflect on your life. My first thought was that I’m actually starting to figure out adulting (even when life sucks), but I also know that I have a lot more to learn. I have an incredible life right now, but how can I be a better adult? I can start focusing more time toward bettering my health and go for lasting 25+ more years. Healthy isn’t my specialty.

So, instead of partying for my birthday, I reflected and set some goals. I bought a gym membership for the first time in almost a decade. I gifted myself birthday presents for a change. I mean, living quarter of a century is a lot of work and I would give these gifts to anyone I spent 25 years with (especially during busy work/tax refund season).

So, here are the 5 things I bought when I turned 25:

The gym membership. I’ve decided that 25 years old is too far into adulthood to ignore my health any longer. I won’t be able to completely give up candy, but with daily physical activity and a couple extra servings of fruit, I think I can consider myself on a good path.

I purchased black Ray-Bans because I thought I should be an adult who’s able to take care of/not lose an expensive pair of sunglasses. We’ll see if that works. Pictured above and thanks to my bestie for approving them from New York.

I also bought cute snow boots (necessary in CO) picked out by my boyfriend, Tanner. Not an intentional birthday present for myself, just found them on clearance. Pictured above and on me in all of these pictures. (similar boots here)

I’ve wanted a water bottle that keeps my drinks cold so I would be encouraged to drink more water. I bought a knock-off Swell water bottle at Marshall’s. It was like $6 and works exactly the same as the expensive ones. Obviously in black. Pictured above although it’s not very interesting.

The night of my birthday I had a dream about a lavender sweater I saw at Francesca’s but didn’t originally buy. It was really weird, so naturally I went back to the mall the next day and got it. I’ve been straying from an all black wardrobe to incorporate purple/lavender for the February birthstone, amethyst. (similar sweater here)

These pictures in the snow (including cool frozen waterfall pic) are from a quick trip through Loveland Pass this week.

My final quarter-century reflection came to this: I am so grateful for my life that I MUST start making an effort to take care of it. I am gratefully living with my favorite person in our favorite place, I have an incredible job that lets me travel and make an impact on young lives across the world, plus I have the power within myself to achieve anything I want in this life. Including being fit and wearing purple. What an awesome place to be at 25 years old.

-birthday girl ksex

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