Tattoos by Samazon

So I got another BIG tattoo. I love it so much, hopefully you do too (if not that’s ok just kindly keep your opinion to yourself). I have 6 tattoos now and plan to keep adding consistently for the rest of my life. My newest one was a gift from Tanner’s mom and I’ve had it since January 4th!! I guess I was nervous to tell a few specific people about it, but I’m on a beautiful trip in Mexico and am ready to show off my new addition.

Don’t mind the beach photoshoot by my talented wannabe photographer friend, Amber. Needed to take pics of the tat and had too much fun with it.

~More about how I met my tattoo artist~

I met Sam, a super talented traditional tattoo artist, when I was visiting Denver for a camp in 2016, over a year before even planning to move to the area. She did my favorite tattoo for me, even though it’s probably the only one I have that doesn’t really have a meaning (it’s the compass on my thigh that you can kinda see in photos above).

Sam, or Samazon, as she’s called for her tall stature, had the best ideas for what would look good on my body. I loved all of her design ideas and trusted her to create a beautiful tattoo. So when we moved to Denver and it was time to get tattooed again, of course I planned on returning to her.

What I didn’t expect was that Tanner & his mom would go visit Sam before Christmas and get me a tattoo as a present!! Tanner and I have bought each other tattoos as gifts a couple times. We don’t get matching ones (obv lol) but it’s a great gift idea! I chose to transform a tattoo I already had into something big and beautiful. Sam and I chatted for a few hours and created a completely new idea for this piece. I couldn’t be happier with it!

The story of the tattoo: I’m the oldest cousin of a nerdy family. My grandma gave all of my cousins elements representing their personalities (fire, water, whatever)… and mine ended up being something with “light” or symbolizing “free spirit”. Once my cousins started turning 18 they got their elements tattooed. This one is mine… I was reluctant to join in the nerdiness at first but I’m obsessed now that it’s done!!

Whether your tattoos have meanings close to you or you just want to be covered in beautiful artwork, visit Denver and make an appointment with Samazon. She’s a super fun person to hang out with for a couple hours. Not to mention you’ll be balling out in a beautiful piece like mine for the rest of eternity.

Thanks a bunch, Sam!!!


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