To start—I will say that having your nails done is the ONE super girly thing I feel is important.

I learned in a Hofstra PRSSA meeting that as an adult, you either have your nails done (with no chips/broken nails) or not at all. When meeting someone, having a clean manicure gives off an impression that you have your life together!

I have nails strong enough to not need acrylics for length (v thankful!), but I cannot be tamed enough to keep regular nail polish looking fresh, either. Currently I’m having an internal battle between favoring the last options: Gel Polish vs. Dip Powder. I was very reluctant to try the dip powder after a poor experience with it in New York a few years ago… but after I moved to Colorado, I was convinced (forced) to make the switch from gel to dip. It can be expensive, but nowadays I get my nails done only once a month.

Pictured above: My last dip powder manicure, grown out over almost a full month. Here’s my manicure from today after getting them done with Dip Powder.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder in “Lilac Lollies”

Yessss I went with purple! I know I’m usually a black, white, or a super light gray nail person, but it’s my birthday month and I want to live in amethyst glory!!

Where the internal battle comes in: Gel is a liquid polish that hardens under a UV light, stays on for around 2 weeks, and is really fun to peel off (and therefore destroy all of your nail health with). Dip Powder is a super fine, organic powder that dries naturally in air, lasting 3-4 weeks because it doesn’t chip or break, but it does grow out a lot.

Gel is quick and cheaper, but I end up spending more money with more visits. I also will FOR SURE peel the polish off and my nails will never grow. However, I don’t LOVE the way the dip makes my nails feel, it takes longer, and as you can see from today, the filing process has me bleeding on multiple nails! Not sure if that’s worth it.

So, if you’re one of the people reading this, I assume you’ve tried either gel or dip. I want to know what you think about either one and if I should switch back to gel!!!

I’ll be over here being fly af with my pretty manicure waiting for advice. TY for reading!


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  1. As a nail tech for over five years, a lot of people are facing this same battle! I personally don’t like sns ( dip powder) because when I was learning how to do the dip powder it burned my eyes.. no one looks great with running mascara! The dip powder is stronger than gel which makes it looks thicker than 20 coats of gel polish and they have to use the drill and using the drill is a complex tool, not everyone can do it correctly! I have some tips with switching back to gel polish.. but beware!! You will become a nail tech worst nightmare!
    1. Make sure they get all the cuticle off of your nails. When the polish touches the cuticle it lifts and it will eventually peel off.
    2. Make them do double base and top coat! (Thin coats). My clients gel polish last a whole month!
    3. Make sure they seal the tip of the nail.
    4. Always inspect your nails before they apply the top coat! If the polish look blotchy.. make them do a 3rd coat!
    5. Always leave a good tip or they might refuse to do your nails again.
    Ps. Tell that person who cut you.. they need to go back and cut their limes.. because that is unacceptable!!!


  2. Hello Girls, I run a beauty salon in Madrid, and for a long time I try to start the Dip in my work, applying it to my customers but it is a real madness, there is no way here in Spain is not possible people say it is “very dirty” and that I had already warned my supplier of manicure products, indicating that I was going to happen this … I have tried for almost two years now, and there has been no way …..

    Do you think it will end up in Spain or should I give up?


      1. So the gel vs dip question has been one that has been lingering throughout every nail salon in the nation. Sns dipping powder consist of organic powder that is paired with a superglue like polish that forms a hard shell on top of the nails! Unlike gel polish that chips on the side, peels up and changes colors overtime.. powder nails are sturdy and keeps the same look for weeks! When I first started doing dip nails I hated it I thought it was very pointless but now I think it’s a modern update in the nail world! The concern about sanitation has been a arising question when it comes to dipping the nails into a community jar of powder. If this problem concerns you or makes you a little uneasy you can ask them if they can apply the sns dipping powder with the brush or dust it on your nail using a scoop! Sns powder is basically the same thing as acrylic color powder, except the acrylic color powder is applied with a brush that’s dipped in liquid monomer just like the basic acrylic nails.When I say “Acrylic color powder” a lot of people are a little hesitant because of the word “Acrylic” and they don’t want their nails ruined. You can soak acrylic color powder off just like the dipping powder, but unlike the dipping powder you can FILL-IN this powder. The powder doesn’t harm your nails anymore than the sns dipping powder but also it’s not recommended to take off without soaking just like any other nails. This solution has helped my clients feel a little more comfortable with the transition to powder nails and it may also help you as well.


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