Can I Get Paid to Hike Every Day, Please??

It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything on here because I’ve been stressing out as an adult lately. This happens to everyone (right?) so I’m working on making my way back to stability. Sorry, but I have a full time job that’s not blogging and that will always be the priority. Adulting is soooo much fun.

Well, at least when I sarcastically say adulting is fun, I can actually say that Colorado is fun. Tanner and I went on a little hike today and killed two birds with one stone (two birds meaning we figured out a way to make money during our trip… more below).

The hike was spur of the moment. We didn’t have to travel far from home to get to Panorama Point in Idledale, Colorado and it had the most breathtaking views!! There was snow everywhere but it was still sunny aka perfect for adventures.

We both said this hike had one of the best views we had ever seen. It’s hard to complain about being poor when you’re walking on mountains, thankful, and in love with your adventure buddy.

The productive, money-making part of our trip was because of our bestie/roommate John Chebret telling us about an app he was referred to by another friend. It’s called Sweatcoin and I promise this is real advice and NOT a sponsored ad!!! Tanner and I both willingly downloaded the app when Chebret told us about it and tested it out today!

Basically, you walk or run around a bunch and build up Sweatcoins, and with those Sweatcoins you can purchase any current “offers”, ranging from apparel, electronics, classes, and even actual dollars in PayPal. For me, this is extra motivation to be active because I need money. Whether it’s grocery day (yesterday I made less than 1 Sweatcoin lol) or doing a 2 mile hike up a mountain (I made 5 Sweatcoins today), you’re making money with no extra effort. I don’t see why none of us have done this before now.

Again, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just think it’s logical to have this app on your phone– whether you’re a little bit active or training for a marathon. Anddddd if you do sign up through my link, I’ll get Sweatcoins, and then you can tell your friends to sign up through your own links (or mine) and get some more Sweatcoins, then everyone wins forever and we get paid for being fit.

Download the app it’s fo freeeee !!!

Hopefully we all get rich someday, but until then I’ll be making excuses to make myself exercise.

Still grateful,


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