I work from home, so I have this rule that I MUST leave the house once a day. Today was a productive day from my computer, but I realized at 4:30 pm I hadn’t had any fresh air. Naturally, I went to Dunkin Donuts.

I took the scenic route to a far away Dunkin, watching the sun set over the Colorado mountains as I drank my afternoon iced coffee. I also tried the snowflake donut recommended to me by my friend, Kelly. It was delish and put me in a great mood.

I was energized and feeling grateful for pretty donuts and pretty skies. Since photos will never do a Colorado sunset justice, I snapped a quick pic of my ride home and rushed home, inspired!!

I painted this picture of a sunset outside our neighborhood. Since it took under an hour, I figured I’d show the simplicity of my painting and make a step by step (kinda like the paint and wine thing). If you’re feeling inspired, take a few minutes this week and let out your creative & crafty energy!

I painted this on canvas with acrylic paint. HERE WE GO!

First, a big yellow cloud (featuring my cute little owl pillow in the back). Sunshine.

Add pink. Obv turns the yellow cloud orange. I used big brushes for the sky spread.

Ok, blue next. I had a grey-ish blue that matched the sky really well because I’m just lucky.

Now add a bunch of dark blue. The messier, the better. Blend a lot.

Next are the white blotches. Not sure if you can even tell that they’re there (throughout the sky), but in my head it added some texture.

Now add Shadow Mountain Set #1. This was the dark blue I added to the sky before!!

Shadow Mountain Set #2 is black and slightly offset from the first set of shadow mountains.

ALL DONE! Reminds me of my favorite little place to live and provided a quick, creative outlet for about an hour. I love you, Colorado!!!

Hopefully I do something else cool this week to keep you peeps entertained on my very own personal website!!!

Keep it crafty~


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