2017 RECAP: A Poem by Kaitlyn Sexton

A year to remember: 2017

There were ups and downs and everything in between.

I traveled, I adventured, I made a bunch of friends,

I became a better kait, and I feel grateful as the year ends.

I visited new countries and had the chance to explore

Entirely new places I never thought I would before.

I visited Sweden, Colombia, and Belize, to name a few….

As well as Honduras, Cozumel, and Newfoundland too!

I made my first adult purchase and BOUGHT A CAR.

I traveled/worked for 4 months straight, repping Vape Naysh near and far.

We raised hundreds for St. Jude and spent a lot of time afloat…

With an epic cruise and a vacation on the houseboat!

2017 also held the BIGGEST surprise

After I jinxed myself on twitter, which wasn’t wise.

I competed with USA All Girl after claiming I was done,

But ended so thankful to be part of the team that won!

*lol ok*

Or how about a second comeback for the USA?

With my @HofstraCheer peeps in South America for a few days??

To compete at a championship the first of its kind

And throw together a hit routine after barely any time.

New York is still home and I get homesick in my heart

So my SASTERS surprised me with a birthday trip from the start

And as 2017 ended I was able to visit New York again

Seeing my very best friends & family over a fun weekend.

Now I’m living the lifestyle I want and can truly say

I am filled with happiness each and every day.

My year was an amazing one, but for the recap to be true…

2017 wouldn’t have been so great if it weren’t for you.

I can’t wait for the adventures yet to be seen.

I’m so excited for you, 2018!


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