Christmas Crafts: DIY Ornaments

Growing up, we decorated Christmas Stockings. Later, we switched to decorating Christmas Tree Ornaments. This year, we weren’t originally going to make anything… but my brother had a cool idea and we went with it for the spirit of tradition and Christmas Crafting.

We’ve seen the crayon melting craft a million times, but my little brother’s suggestion was the first time I’d heard of the concept with an ornament. Since it’s Holiday Break, I figured readers like you might need something to fill 10 minutes of your time or maybe a Christmas Spirit void in your heart. Either way, here’s how to make them.

Materials you’ll need: Glass ornaments, Crayons, Fire, Ribbon, and Christmas Spirit.

Step 1: Pick your crayon colors. You can choose as many as you’d like! I went with a few various shades of my favorite color + B&W.

Step 2: Break up the crayons and peel off the crayon wrappers.

Step 3: Choose some small pieces to put inside the ornament—These little pieces go a LONG WAY since we’ll be melting them… I used big pieces and wasted all of that crayon (whoops).

Step 4: Apply heat to make crayons melt against the ornament. If you’re crafting with kids, you might want to use a Hair Dryer. My (adult) fam went the (dangerous) route of waving a lighter under the glass. Wipe the ornament with a paper towel in between melting.

Step 5: Rotate the ornament while melting the crayons to create designs of your choice. WARNING: Be careful not to get careless and spill scorching hot crayon wax on your hand like I did!

Step 6: When the inside is covered with color, seal up the ornament.

Step 7: Tie the ribbon on top of the ornament with a bow. (optional but not optional if you’re extra)

Step 8: Almost done! Hang your beautiful new creations on the tree.

Enjoy your new, cool ornaments and have the Merriest of Christmases. I recommend getting extra ornaments if you’re crafty because it was really fun (we also broke 2/6 of ours in the process). If you celebrate other Holidays and use the crayon melting technique to be festive elsewhere, I definitely want you to send me pics!!!

Wishing everyone Happy & Crafty Holidays!


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