My boyfriend is the BIGGEST Cowboys fan. Dallas is his home and he sticks with them no matter how their season is going. So… he’s probably going to be super jealous when I tell him that my co-workers and I were given the opportunity to tour the home of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium!!!

It’s known that our company loves to do it big (we decided the theme of our conference was #extra), but we didn’t guess the once-in-a-lifetime experience awaiting us for our annual awards banquet.

They didn’t tell us where we were going at first, but we filled 5 buses and arrived in record time. Here’s the thing—this was because the bus drivers ran every red light and skipped traffic with the help of POLICE ESCORTS assuring our timely arrival!!! The city of Dallas shut down the interstate during rush hour to allow our buses through.

Seriously. Wild. Unheard of. Awesome.

On our tour, we saw cool exclusive areas like the team’s locker rooms. Even Eagles’ fans were pumped!!

Of course, we had to stop at the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders’ Locker Room as well…..

There was also this overstuffed elevator. Not cool at all but necessary of pointing out this VAPE NAYSH LEGEND representing the VN on the spot (See: Josh).

The tour concluded with access to the field. We freaked out a little bit, ran all around the turf in heels, and took a zillion pictures.

I took all of these photos for Tanner because of his obsession with America’s Team, but it was too great of an opportunity not to share on

Varsity Spirit takes the company’s culture very seriously, and I sincerely believe that culture is a result of gratitude from employees. We are so grateful for the places we go, the people that become our lifelong friends, and incredible experiences like these!

Until next time… Go Cowboys!


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