What New Yorkers Do When They Visit Home

New York is where I spent the first 22 years of my life– I will always favor it over other states. I mean, New York has everything from busy cities to farms in the mountains. It has snow covered winters AND summers at the beach. If you’re lucky enough to grow up in the Empire State, you’re used to incredible scenery, the best food, and plenty of extraordinary (sometimes hostile) people.

I am able to visit New York fairly often through work, but I have a habit of packing in an INSANE amount of plans while I’m there for a short time. It’s overwhelming because I act like it’s completely necessary to cover Long Island, NYC and Poughkeepsie.

Here’s a list that I’m guessing all New Yorkers have planned when they visit home. Or, at least what I have planned:

  1. Grab a Quick Hot Dog.Street Meat in Manhattan counts as extra touristy NY points. Very important for Hot Dog lovers like myself.
  2. Meet Up with Besties for Margaritas.We went to El Rio Grande. We had tasty Strawberry Margaritas and delicious queso.
  3. Take Lots of Pictures with Your 3 Best Friends (& See a Bunch of Long Island Friends Over the Weekend Too).
  4. Head Over to Long Island and Judge UCA Regionals.
  5. Watch Your Alma Mater’s Cheer Team Perform While You’re There.These little ones make me so proud! Can’t wait to see you at Nationals!
  6. HAVE A BAGEL!Because the water is better here and therefore all of the food is better as well.
  7. Drink Dunkin Donuts and Drive Upstate for Christmas.This was probably my fifth medium-cold-brew-with-skim-milk-and-caramel-swirl in 3 days. Maybe this is why my eyes are crossed. TY to Corey for being a great little brother and chauffeuring me around every time I’m home.
  8. Sit in Your Favorite Spot and Reflect on How Much You Love Calling New York Home.
  9. Have Sushi with the Fam.
  10. Celebrate Christmas/Decorate the Tree.This is very important for healing homesickness and for making my dad happy on his favorite holiday. It also helps add to the NY experience if you get stuck in NYC Monday Morning Traffic on the way back to the airport.

I am so thankful that my job allows me to fly to New York throughout the year (aka TY to Ashley Cormier for sending me home). It makes living across the country from your friends and family a lot easier!

Colorado is home now, but I’ll never stop talking about being a New Yorker. Then again, do you really know a New Yorker who can shut up??

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has visited my new website and/or these posts. I have received tremendous feedback and am so thankful for the support!!


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