So, I Moved to Colorado

I kinda dropped the ball letting everyone know my big move news across social media. I moved to Colorado mid-October, and with a completely new lifestyle, I figured I’d start a completely new way of social communication with my friends across the world.

I’m originally from Poughkeepsie, New York. After finishing college on Long Island I moved to Memphis, Tennessee for 2 years. But when my boyfriend took a coaching job in Colorado, I decided to choose happiness and continue a life with him and a few of our friends up in the mountains. I now work remotely for the same company (new role), and I can honestly say that the decision to move was undoubtedly the right one for me!



With a breathtaking new home surrounded by mountains, a few set trips to travel in the near future, and a new lifestyle to write about, I hope you’ll join me in finding gratitude for the beautiful lives we’re living. I’m new to the personal blog world, so feedback (or comments on my Insta letting me know if this is either a really great or TERRIBLE idea) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for getting this far for me already.

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